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Germina.Cciones... - Latin American Springs

"With a shared collective creative act the world changes"
(Luca Belcastro)

The International Cultural Platform Germina.Cciones... - Latin American Springs was formed in 2007 by Luca Belcastro and brings together a team of creators, artists and other people interested in culture and social sciences.

The name, in Spanish, originates from the merger of two words:
- "germinación" (germination), as in something that is being born, in a fertile ground, with enormous vital energy that is being produced at this moment, and that highlights the importance of nature, and the respect we owe her and the environment we live in.
- "acciones" (actions), like the ones needed to ensure that human activities flourish, transform their potential and keep on living; a word that stresses essential commitment and responsibility.
Moreover, "primaveras latinoamericanas" (Latin American Springs), is a name that does not intend to encourage any idea or label, which would exclude extreme diversity and its value. In being "Latin American" we emphasize the physical place of the origin of the ideas behind this platform, and relate to its energy environment, to encourage the presentation of an honest and balanced contact between different positions. For this, the Platform calls for everyone's cooperation, regardless of different social and cultural backgrounds, race, nationality and geographical origin.

The organization brings an innovative proposal of collaboration that invites each participant to contribute with his or her experiences and develop their own language. Therefore, it promotes exchange, creation, communication, and the link between people and institutions. Germina.Cciones... moves away from the idea of imposing a technical vision and a specific aesthetic, and it is geared to collaborative work. All of this is made through free and inclusive activities, with open calls for everybody, with the intention to avoid individualisms.

For the work done by Germina.Cciones... to be effective, the important requirements are participation, commitment and the applicant's responsibility in all levels of action, to himself and to others.

Germina.Cciones... aims to enhance through its actions:
- cultural diversity, imagination and human creativity
- artistic expression in all forms and manifestations
- nature and the environment
- children and young people's right to discover new opportunities.

Aims and general objectives
Germina.Cciones... is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to encourage and foster creativity in all its aspects.

- To encourage reflection on the shared creative and collaborative act as an instance and process of consciousness, self-awareness, freedom and transformation.
- To promote respect, mutual listening, participation, reciprocity, collaboration, commitment and responsibility as core values that favour the virtuous development of artistic creative activity.
- To open and manage spaces for dialogue, training and meetings involving current artistic creation.
- To set up real and virtual chains of contact, communication, linking and information spreading amongst the various artistic and cultural environments of Latin America at national and international levels.
- To support the creation of new interdisciplinary works, new compositions and the formation of new musical groups, encouraging them to interpret current music.
- To provide background information, analysis, art, instrumental and compositional techniques for current artistic creation.
- To generate sources of work for professional artists associated with Germina.Cciones... platform

Action scopes
Germina.Cciones... conducts its activities in the following areas of action: education, culture, and training.

To achieve its main objectives Germina.Cciones... proposes:
- To organize meetings, courses, workshops, seminars, concerts, shows and multidisciplinary cultural events.
- To grant specialized professional care, and assistance.
- To edit, print, distribute brochures, newsletters, magazines, journals and books.
- To produce audio visual, multimedia, radio and television broadcasts material.
- To create and use media such as radio, forums and web sites.
- To join on an interim or permanent basis with other national and international institutions which have similar goals.
- To collaborate with public and private institutions on issues of common interest.

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... todo se hizo delirio, germinación y canto

From The Chascona, the Santiago home of Pablo Neruda, the composer Luca Belcastro talks about Germina.Cciones... - primaveras latinoamericanas.
(in Spanish)